A module containing various additional connectors for convenience. These are:

class tbot_contrib.connector.conserver.ConserverConnector(mach: LinuxShell)[source]

Bases: ConsoleConnector

Connect to a serial console using conserver.

You can configure the device name using the conserver_device property.

Example: (board config)

from tbot.machine import board
from tbot_contrib.connector import conserver

class MyBoard(conserver.ConserverConnector, board.Board):
    conserver_device = "ttyS0"

BOARD = MyBoard

mach (LinuxShell) – A cloneable lab-host machine. The ConsoleConnector will try to clone this machine’s connection and use that to connect to the board. This means that you have to make sure you give the correct lab-host for your respective board to the constructor here.

abstract property conserver_device: str

Device name for conserver.

This property is required.

conserver_master: str | None = None

Optional name of the conserver master to connect to (-M).

conserver_command: str | List = 'console'

Command to connect with conserver.

Can be either a str (single command name) or a list (with added command-line args). For example:

conserver_command = ["console", "-p1234", "-n"]
conserver_forcerw: bool = True

Whether to force the console into read-write mode (-f).

This is necessary for the case where a session is already attached to this console while tbot is running. Otherwise, tbot will not be able to properly intercept the boot process and might fail for odd reasons.

If you don’t want tbot to mess with an already running session, set this to False.

class tbot_contrib.connector.pyserial.PyserialConnector(host: LinuxShell | None = None)[source]

Bases: Connector

Connect to a console connected to localhost (i.e. the host tbot is running on) using pyserial.


from tbot_contrib.connector import pyserial

class MyBoard(pyserial.PyserialConnector, board.Board):
    serial_port = "/dev/ttyUSB0"
    baudrate = 57600
abstract property serial_port: str | PathLike

Serial port to connect to. Keep in mind that this path is not on the lab-host but on the localhost.

baudrate = 115200

Baudrate of the serial line.