Various testcases.

tbot_contrib.utils.ensure_sd_unit(lnx: tbot.machine.linux.linux_shell.LinuxShell, services: List[str])None[source]

check if all systemd services in list services run on linux machine lnx. If not, try to start them.

  • lnx – linux shell

  • services – list of systemd services

tbot_contrib.utils.find_ip_address(lnx: tbot.machine.linux.linux_shell.LinuxShell, route_target: Optional[str] = None, force: bool = False)str[source]

Find out an IP-address of a host.

In times where most hosts have many IP addresses, this is not as trivial as one would like. This testcase approaches the problem by trying to find the IP-address, the host would use on a certain route.

By default, this is the route to reach a theoretical host at This will yield a sensible result in most cases but of course will not always be the address you want. For more fine-grained control you can pass a route_target. This is the IP-address of this theoretical host to reach.

  • lnx (linux.LinuxShell) – The host to work on.

  • route_target (str) – An optional route target. Defaults to

  • force (bool) – By default, this testcase caches results for faster lookup when called multiple times. This parameter enforces a re-check which might be useful when the network configuration on lnx changed.

Return type



The IP-address which was found.