0.10.8 - 2024-05-18


  • Added a sanity check to Linux shell initialization which should catch situations where things went wrong. This should provided a more clear error message in the future (#115).

  • A specific (and documented) error type for situations where a bounded regex pattern is required but an unbounded pattern was supplied.

  • A specific error type for situations where a tool is missing on a host which would be required by some testcase.


  • Fixed U-Boot selftests failing on some systems due to an unclean environment.

0.10.7 - 2024-03-17


  • Dropped official support for Python 3.7 - tbot now expects at least Python 3.8.

  • Improved exception message when parsing of a command’s return code fails (for example due to console clutter).

  • Made the shell detection mechanism a bit more robust (wait_for_shell()).


  • Fixed tbot hanging when an unresponsive subprocess does not terminate by itself (#104).

  • Fixed tbot no longer detecting unbounded regex patterns on recent Python versions.

0.10.6 - 2023-09-08


  • Gpio.pulse() method in tbot_contrib for pulsing a GPIO pin (#95).

  • Added coverage tracking for tests. Feel free to help improving coverage, especially of obscure features that will easily break when we don’t ensure their functionality with tests.

  • Added an AskfirstInitializer which can be used to deal with boards where the console is configured with askfirst (#98).

  • Added the ability to use environment variables in @<filename> argument files (#96).

0.10.5 - 2023-06-12


  • Added a password_prompt configuration to LinuxBootLogin which allows customizing what password prompt to wait for. This helps when the system is localized in a different language (#93).

  • Added a tbot_contrib.utils.find_block_partitions() helper for finding all partitions of a particular block device.

0.10.4 - 2023-04-13


  • Added a tbot_contrib.linux.meminfo() helper for extracting info from /proc/meminfo.


  • Updated the best-practice example for pytest integration (pytest Integration). It now properly allows accessing the configured machines before tests are run (#86). An example, where this may be useful, is parameterizing a test depending on a configured machine:

    # board config
    class MyBoard(......):
        interfaces = ["eth0", "usb0"]
    # testcase module
    import pytest
    import tbot
    def _interfaces():
        board_cls = tbot.ctx.get_machine_class(tbot.role.Board)
        return board_cls.interfaces
    @pytest.mark.parametrize("interface", _interfaces())
    def test_interface(interface):
        tbot.log.message(f"Testing interface {interface}")


  • Fixed a file descriptor leak in the SubprocessConnector (#88). This would lead to an ever increasing number of open files in long test runs. On systems with a low file descriptor limit, tbot would then crash with OSError: [Errno 24] Too many open files.

  • Fixed channels not being closed by SSHConnector (#91). Channels stayed open until tbot exited, which is again problematic for long running tests.

  • Fixed SSHConnector not using the lab-host to connect to remote hosts (#92). This was the behavior in the past and got broken in tbot 0.9.0.

  • Fixed a couple of robustness issues in tbot_contrib.gdb where tbot would hang or throw the wrong type of exception when encountering unexpected situations.

0.10.3 - 2022-11-21


  • Added a force parameter to which forces the check even if a result was already cached for this tool (#83).

  • Added an only_decrease parameter to tbot.log.with_verbosity().

  • Added an AutoConsoleConnector to tbot_contrib which automatically selects the best available tool for connecting to a serial console.

0.10.2 - 2022-10-13


  • Added a tbot_contrib.utils.copy_to_dir() helper which copies multiple files to a directory. It is a more ergonomic wrapper around the existing copy() function. Check its documentation for more details: copy_to_dir() (#77).

  • Lots of custom exception types in the tbot.error module so test-code can differentiate between different kinds of errors. This is ongoing work and will continue in future releases (#79).

  • Added a --json-log-stream CLI option to newbot which can be used to reactivate the existing old json-stream logging infrastructure. A new logging mechanism will be added for newbot at some point in the future (#78).


  • Moved to tbot.machine.linux.copy() as it is a core part of tbot. The old name still exists for compatibility (#77).


  • Fixed tbot hanging when the remote side closes a channel while tbot is reading from it (#74).

  • Fixed a double exception in the context manager for a channel (#74).

  • Fixed the U-Boot shell not initializing correctly on very slow serial lines.

  • Fixed copy() not honoring the use_multiplexing setting (#77).

0.10.1 - 2022-08-18


  • Added linux.RedirStdin to feed file contents to stdin of a command (#69).

  • Added a mechanism which allows tbot to skip entering the password if the remote system never asks for one (61800b63461b). See no_password_timeout for details.

  • Added the tbot.log.with_verbosity() helper which can be used to temporarily change the verbosity level of tbot.

  • Added some documentation on how to integrate tbot with pytest: pytest Integration


  • Fixed Channel.send() behavior when called with large amounts of data.

  • Fixed invalid non-blocking I/O handling in the SubprocessChannel implementation.

  • Fixed a few more escape sequences that clobber tbot’s output.


  • Updated the tbot_contrib.swupdate testcases to newer tbot APIs.

  • Changed the escape sequence for exiting interactive sessions. You can now press CTRL-] three times within 1 second to exit any interactive session at any time. Pressing CTRL-D is no longer supported in any but the interactive linux-shell sessions (#70).

  • For all who didn’t get the memo that Python 3.6 is EOL: tbot now requires 3.7 as the minimum supported Python version.

0.10.0 - 2022-05-13


  • The newbot CLI interface as a completely new and improved tool for calling tbot scripts. The documentation has been updated, you can familiarize yourself with the new tool in the new Quickstart Guide and learn about migrating to it in Migrating to newbot. The tbot tool will not be removed for the time being but it will not be the place for new development from now on.

  • Added a boot_timeout setting to LinuxBootLogin which will raise a TimeoutException if the login-prompt is not reached in the given time.


  • Upgraded the python package metadata to newer standards. Ideally this should not have any visible effects to users.


  • Fixed tbot_contrib.locking sometimes failing with chmod related error messages while checking lock expiry.

0.9.6 - 2022-03-02


  • Added the linux.Path.resolve() method to turn relative paths absolute and to resolve all symlinked components of a path. This is essentially realpath(1).

  • Added linux.Path.readlink().

  • Added linux.Path.symlink_to(). This is a more ergonomic wrapper around calling ln(1) manually.

  • Added linux.Path.rglob(). This method can be used to recursively find all files matching a glob beneath a certain path.


  • linux.Path.glob() now only allows globbing in the the last component of the pattern path. This means common/*.c works fine, but co*/*.c does not.


  • Fixed some problems with some busybox versions when using Path.write_text() for device property files in /sys.

  • Fixed linux.Workdir sometimes returning a different workdir (when same “key” is used for multiple workdirs on the same host).

  • Fixed linux.Path.glob() not dealing properly with odd characters in the glob pattern (most notably spaces).

0.9.5 - 2022-02-14


  • Added a new, reworked integration for U-Boot’s test/py testsuite as tbot_contrib.uboot.testpy. Consider using this one in preference of the old

  • Added a .board property to all machines which were instantiated from a “board” (like a BoardLinux, for example). This property points back to this original board machine. See issue #65 for a usecase of this.


  • Soft-removed the old selftest suite (which was called with tbot selftest) in favor of the new pytest based one. Please selftest tbot with the following command instead:

    cd /path/to/tbot-sources
    python3 -m pytest selftest/


  • Fixed a bug when using death-strings on a machine and then calling This fixes spurious messages about the command having ended prematurely when it really hasn’t.

  • Fixed Path.write_bytes() and Path.write_text() raising an exception of the wrong type when an error occurs. This could sometimes even lead to improper behavior of follow-up commands.

  • Fixed the GDBShell for versions of gdb which ask about enabling debuginfod.

0.9.4 - 2021-12-24


  • Fix machine locking (tbot_contrib.locking) not quite working when reset_on_error_by_default is active in the tbot context.

  • Fix reset_on_error raising odd exceptions when nested requests of the same machine are done.

  • Fixed tbot not running with Python 3.10.

  • Fixed tbot_contrib.locking locks not working properly on multi-user systems due to bad permissions.

0.9.3 - 2021-12-10


  • Added the NullConnector for designing machine classes which do not have a channel. This is useful, for example, when a board has no serial console.

  • Added the powercycle_delay attribute to the PowerControl initializer. This can be used to specify a wait time between poweroff and subsequent poweron of a board. Used to let the poweroff settle to have the board really off before turning it back on.

  • Added an option to slow down transmission of a Channel for serial consoles which cannot process incoming data fast enough. See Channel.slow_send_delay for details.

  • Added a Context.teardown_if_alive() method to ensure no instance of a certain role is active. This can be useful, for example, when a BoardLinux instance is alive but you need to enter U-Boot. Normally this would fail, because the BoardLinux instance is keeping the Board instance for itself. With teardown_if_alive() you can first tear down this BoardLinux instance and then request the BoardUBoot instance as usual.


  • When a pytest testcase is skipped, tbot.Context’s reset_on_error flag no longer triggers a board reset. This means skipping testcases is now just as fast as not executing them where it previously would trigger a reset of all machines.


  • Fixed Linux machines not connecting when a very long PS1 is used on the remote side.

  • Fixed an exception during context teardown when keep_alive mode is enabled.

  • Fixed find_ip_address() not working with the BusyBox version of the ip utility.

0.9.2 - 2021-09-13


  • Added a new strip_ansi_escapes() utility in tbot_contrib.utils which can be used to remove e.g. color escape codes from command output.

  • Added a hashcmp() utility in tbot_contrib.utils to compare the hashsum of two files (which may be located on different machines).

  • Added the py.typed marker for type-checkers (see PEP 561).


  • Fixed the order of instance teardown in keep_alive contexts. This fixes any kinds of problems due to wrong teardown order of dependent machines (e.g. lab-host torn down before a board machine).

  • Fixed selftests failing due to deprecation of ssh-rsa algorithm.

  • Fixed find_ip_address() not working when a local address is passed as the route_target.

0.9.1 - 2021-06-23


  • Added a mechanism for “locking” connections to certain machines. This can be used, for example, to ensure exclusive access to a certain board. See tbot_contrib.locking for details.

  • Path.rmdir() and Path.unlink(): Methods to conveniently delete an empty directory, a symlink, or a file from a host’s filesystem.

  • Path.mkdir(): Method to conveniently create a directory on the respective machine.

  • Path.at_host(host): A method to safely convert a tbot-path into a plain string. The host parameter is used to check that the Path is actually meant for the expected host. Any uses of the (unofficial) _local_str() method should be replaced by at_host() as the former will be removed soon.

  • New classes AppendStdout, AppendStderr, and AppendBoth in machine.linux allow to append command output to files in exec() and exec0() methods.

  • Added a feature to the Context to allow reconfiguring a context temporarily (Context.reconfigure()). This is useful to e.g. enable keep_alive mode for certain tests.


  • Warnings emitted due to problems when parsing the SSH config now include hints about the actual problem.

  • linux.Path no longer inherits from pathlib.PurePosixPath. This fixes a number of long standing oddities where certain methods would not function correctly. All API from PurePosixPath has been reimplemented in linux.Path explicitly, now with the proper behavior.


  • Fixed the PyserialConnector not working properly with tbot contexts.

  • Fixed linux.Background not properly redirecting stderr output.

0.9.0 - 2021-03-03


  • Added the Context API for much easier and more flexible machine management. Please read the Context API documentation for an introduction and migration guide. Note: For now the old tbot.selectable API still exists and will be compatible both ways with the new API. It will, however, slowly be phased out in the future.

  • Warning about incorrect build-host configuration when running uboot_testpy testcase.

  • Added support for SSH connection multiplexing to SSHConnector. You can enable it by adding use_multiplexing = True to your host config. Multiplexing can drastically speed up testcases which open many connections to the same host (see ControlMaster in sshd_config(5) for details).

  • Added two more types of machine initializers:


  • LinuxShell.env() can now be used to query $! (last background job PID) and $$ (current shell PID) special environment variables (using m.env("!") and m.env("$")).

  • Added some more specific exception types and started using them where appropriate. This effort is by far not over yet, though …

  • The linux.Background special token is now more safe to use as it prevents console clobbering as good as it can. You can manually redirect command output to files using a new call syntax. See Background documentation for details.

  • paramiko is now an optional dependency. tbot works just fine without paramiko, but if it is installed, the ParamikoConnector becomes available.

  • Switched to pytest for tbot’s selftests.


  • Call olddefconfig before attempting to build U-Boot. This prevents kconfig from attempting to interactively query new config settings.

  • Fixed a rare timing-dependent bash/ash initialization deadlock.

  • Fixed selftest_tc failing if user has no git identity set up.

  • Fixed documentation silently building without version information if git describe fails.

  • Fixed tbot configuring an overly narrow terminal in some cases, leading to weird looking output (now the minimum is 80 chars wide).

  • Fixed Path.write_text()/Path.write_bytes() hanging when an error occurs and the channel receives data very slowly.

0.8.3 - 2020-09-22


  • Added ensure_sd_unit() testcase/util-function which starts systemd services if not yet running.

  • tbot.error module as a central place for defining all exception types.

  • Added a PyserialConnector to connect to a serial port using PySerial.

  • super-verbose mode (-vvv) now prefixes each output line with a channel identifier to help separate what data came from which channel.

  • Added a Channel.read_until_timeout() method for reading all data until a timeout is reached (or an Exception is thrown).

  • Added find_ip_address() testcase/util-function to discover the IP address of a machine.

  • One can now pass a custom line-ending to Channel.readline() incase the remote does not behave properly and send \r\n for every line.

  • Added a Channel.add_death_string() method which is like .with_death_string() but not a context-manager. The death string is added for the entire lifetime of the channel with this new method.


  • tbot now prints all passed flags on start (and thus also stores this info in the log-file).

  • The \e[K is passed through to make output from programs like ninja-build prettier.


  • Fixed an issue where the path returned by mach.workdir would be associated with a wrong host machine.

  • Fixed bash completions for @args not properly dealing with directories.

  • Fixed login_delay for board-linux not behaving as documented and in some circumstances leading to a login without waiting.

0.8.2 - 2020-04-08

Update: Development now happens on the master branch instead of development.


  • Added to run a command and interact with its stdio:

    with"gdb") as gdb:
        gdb.read_until_prompt("(gdb) ")
        gdb.sendline("target remote")
        gdb.read_until_prompt("(gdb) ")
        gdb.read_until_prompt("(gdb) ")
  • Path.write_text(), Path.read_text(), Path.write_bytes(), and Path.read_bytes(): Methods to easily manipulate remote files.

  • Added integration for U-Boot’s test/py test-framework. See the uboot_testpy testcase fore more.

  • A connector for connection to a conserver based serial console: tbot_contrib.connector.conserver

  • Testcases for timing the duration of an operation (tbot_contrib.timing).

  • A testcase to deploy an swu-file to SWUpdate (tbot_contrib.swupdate).

  • Machines now implement == and hash(). A machine which was cloned from another machine has the same hash, i.e. they can be treated as equal.

  • Added a U-Boot smoke-test: or uboot_smoke_test

  • Added a DistroToolchain class to easily allow using pre-installed toolchains with tbot.

  • Added a Workdir which lives in $XDG_DATA_HOME and one living in $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR (Workdir.xdg_home() and Workdir.xdg_runtime()).

  • You can now specify the U-Boot revision to checkout: tbot uboot_checkout -prev=\"v2020.01\"

  • A boot_timeout parameter was added to U-Boot machines to limit the maximum time, U-Boot is allowed to take during boot.

  • Testcases for interacting with GPIOs (tbot_contrib.gpio).

  • tbot.Re: A convenience wrapper around re.compile. Wherever regex-patterns are needed (e.g. in channel-interaction), you can now use tbot.Re instead of re.compile("...".encode()).

  • A Channel.readline() and a Channel.expect() method to mimic pexpect.


  • The default workdir for Linux shells is no longer /tmp/tbot-wd. It is now $XDG_DATA_HOME/tbot (usually ~/.local/share/tbot).

  • UBootBuilder now points to the new U-Boot upstream ( by default.

  • Fixed linux.Bash’s .env() implementation unnecessarily querying the variable after setting it.

  • selftest now uses a dedicated machine class which does not clobber the default workdir and instead stores data in a temporary directory.


  • Fixed tbot sometimes not displaying a message before entering interactive mode, thus leaving the user clueless what escape-sequence to use to exit.

  • Fixed linux.Bash, linux.Ash, and board.UBootShell allowing some bad characters in command invocations which would mess up the shell’s state.

  • Fixed tbot.flags only being set after loading the testcases which could lead to weird inconsistency errors.

  • Fixed Channel.sendcontrol() not actually allowing all C0 control characters.

0.8.1 - 2020-03-06


  • Added LinuxShell.glob() method for easily using shell globs.

  • Added parameters to LinuxShell.subshell() which can be used to spawn custom subshells.

  • Added linux.RedirBoth to redirect both stdout and stderr to the same file.

  • Added UBootShell.ram_base property to learn the RAM base address in testcases.

  • Added a write blacklist to channels. This feature can be used to disallow tests sending certain control characters.

  • Added a do_build() step to UBootBuilder which can be used to customize the command used for building U-Boot.

  • Empty tbot_contrib module for the future :)


  • Made SSHConnector based machine cloneable (if the underlying host is cloneable).

  • Made tbot.testcase also work as a context-manager. This can be used to define ‘sub-tests’ in a function. Example:

    with tbot.testcase("my_sub_testcase"):


  • Fixed U-Boot and board-Linux not saving the bootlog to the log-event.

  • Fixed tbot happily printing special characters as part of a command which was sent (in the log).

  • Fixed selftests failing in some rare circumstances because a subprocess is not properly terminated or when bash is slow.

  • Removed use of the deprecated time.clock() function.

  • Properly check stdout encoding.

  • Fixed read_iter sometimes passing negative timeout values to the underlying channel IO.

  • Fixed tbot hanging on zero-byte Channel.send() call.

  • Fixed lnx.env() behaving incorrectly when an environment variable has a value which looks like an echo-option.

  • Fixed a bug caused by passing "\n^" as a parameter (bash interprets this as a kind of history expansion).

  • Fixed UBootShell not properly escaping \ and '.

  • Fixed ub.env() failing on environment variables with weird values.

0.8.0 - 2019-11-20

The machine interface was completely overhauled. Please read the migration guide for more info.


  • @tbot.with_lab, @tbot.with_uboot, and @tbot.with_linux decorators to make writing testcase much simpler

  • linux.RedirStdout(f) & linux.RedirStderr(f): Redirect stdout and stderr symbols

  • Machine.init() hook to call custom code after the machine was initialized. This can be used, for example, to init network manually in U-Boot.

  • testcase

  • tbot.skip(): Skip a testcase

  • Machine.clone(): Attempt creating a copy of a machine. The two copies allow parallel interaction with the same host.


  • linux.BuildMachine is now a mixin called linux.Builder

  • linux.LabHost is now a mixin called linux.Lab

  • linux.LinuxMachine should be replaced by linux.LinuxShell

  • LabHost.new_channel() was removed in favor of LinuxShell.open_channel(). open_channel() consumes the machine it is called on which means the equivalent to new_channel() now is:

    with mach.clone() as cl:
        chan = cl.open_channel("telnet", "")


  • exec0(stdout=f): Redirection should be done using RedirStdout.

  • linux.Env(var): Environment-Variable substitution is hard to control. It is much easier to just use mach.env(var).


  • Path.__fspath__() erroneously returning a result, even though the contract that is assumed with this method cannot be upheld by tbot.

0.7.1 - 2019-03-14


  • tbot.acquire_local(): Quick access to a localhost machine

  • LinuxMachine.home: Path to the current user’s home

  • LocalLabHost.tbotdir: tbot’s current working directory on the localhost (either from where you ran tbot or the path given with -C)

  • Testcases for modifying a kernel config file

  • login_delay: Time to wait before logging in on the board. This should allow working with boards that clobber the console a lot during boot.


  • Unknown parameters are now ignored if running multiple testcases so you can specify parameters that are just relevant to a single one.

  • SSHMachines now use NoneAuthenticator by default.


  • selftests sometimes failing if dropbear does not start fast enough

  • SSHMachines using the local user’s home dir instead of the one on the lab-host.

  • Local channels now correctly end the session which fixes weird bugs like picocom not being able to reaquire the shell.

0.7.0 - 2019-02-08


  • Read commandline arguments from files: You can now specify a file using @filename and each line from that file will be interpreted as a commandline argument.

  • A man-page: doc/tbot.1!

  • tbot.named_testcase: Define testcases with a different name in log-files than the function name. The motivation is to reduce name ambiguity (e.g. and would both be called build in the log). This also affects the testcases name when calling it from the commandline (you have to use the new name).


  • The U-Boot build testcase has been completely rewritten. You will need to adapt you board config to work with the new version:

    • The build-info no longer exists, instead you define a UBootBuilder. Take a look at the docs to see available options.

    • The build attribute of your U-Boot machine must now be an instance of your UBootBuilder, not the class itself.

    Example of the new config:

    from tbot.machine import board
    from import uboot
    class MyUBootBuilder(uboot.UBootBuilder):
        name = "my-builder"
        defconfig = "my_defconfig"
        toolchain = "generic-armv7a-hf"
    class MyUBootMachine(board.UBootMachine):
        build = MyUBootBuilder()


  • boot_to_shell is no longer a public method of BoardLinux machines.

0.6.6 - 2019-01-18


  • Graphviz dot diagram generator

  • New and improved documentation!

  • LinuxMachine.fsroot: A little convenience helper: You can now write mach.fsroot / "proc/version" instead of linux.Path(mach, "/proc/version")


  • tbot no longer automatically creates a log file. If you want the previous behavior, use --log-auto. --log=<file> will still behave as before.

  • generators/ -> generators/

  • generators/ -> generators/

  • UBootMachine.env() now also accepts board.Specials.


  • Duplication warning when star-importing another testcase-file.

0.6.5 - 2018-12-20


  • Machine.lh: You can access the lab-host from every machine now. The idea behind this is to allow access to lab-specific configuration in a much easier way.

  • mach.env() can now be used to set environment variables as well: env("name", "value")

  • -p for setting testcase parameters. Provided values are parsed using eval, so be careful … Example:

    $ tbot -p int_param=42 -p boolean=True -p string=\'str\'


  • You can now use --log= to suppress the creation of a log file.


  • selftest_path_stat assuming the existence of /dev/sda, which makes it fail on systems without this block device.

  • tbot will now only color its output if appropriate. It honors CLICOLOR.

0.6.4 - 2018-12-05


  • -C parameter to allow setting a different working directory

  • ${TBOTPATH} environment variable to provide additional testcase directories; TBOTPATH is a : separated list of directorie

  • auth.NoneAuthenticator: Authenticator without key nor password, useful if ssh can figure authentication out by itself (eg with ssh-agent)

  • GitRepository.apply: Apply patches without committing the changes


  • Shells now have a shell.command, which allows specifying a command to run the shell. For example, bash is run using bash --norc now.


  • timeout in read_until_prompt sometimes being negative

  • log missing bootlog for U-Boot if no autoboot is configured

  • tbot ignored ssh host aliases (ref #8)

0.6.3 - 2018-11-28


  • tbot.log.warning: Print a warning message

  • If tbot fails to load a testcase source, it will now show the traceback that caused the failure


  • Show any and all output that is received on the channel with -vvv

  • BoardLinuxMachine now allows the login and password prompts to be clobbered

  • BoardLinuxMachine login now waits for the shell to respond


  • login_wait config parameter from BoardLinuxMachine. This “hack” is superseded by the more robust login implementation now.


  • importlib.util needs to be manually imported on some python versions

0.6.2 - 2018-11-22


  • Machine.env: Easily get the value of an environment variable

  • Allow specifying a command when spawning a subshell.

  • ub.bootlog and lnx.bootlog to allow accessing the bootlog (ref #5)

  • Add SSHMachine.ssh_config: List of additional ssh config options

0.6.1 - 2018-11-16


  • Proper buildhost support + U-Boot build testcase

  • GitRepository now fetches latest changes from remote by default

  • LinuxMachine.subshell: Spawn subshell to isolate context changes


  • Allow setting autoboot_prompt to None, if the board automatically drops into a U-Boot shell.

  • Testcase directories are now traversed recurively

  • SSHLabHost now attempts to use values from ~/.ssh/config if available.

  • SSHMachine: Use labhost’s username by default

0.6.0 - 2018-11-08

Version 0.6.0 is finally here! It is a complete rewrite so none of the old stuff is relevant any more. The changelog below is not everything that was changed, but the changes since the last prerelease (0.6.0-pre08).


  • mach.test() to just check the return code of a command

  • linux.F, board.F: Formatter with TBot support

  • max parameter for Channel.recv()

  • recv_n method for Channel to read exactly N bytes

  • ignore_hostkey in SSHLabHost

  • console_check hook to prevent racey board connections from multiple developers

  • LinuxWithUBootMachine.do_boot for a more flexible boot_commands definition


  • Improved testrun end handling

  • Made SSHMachine more userfriendly; now shows ssh errors in log

  • Made shell mandatory for BoardLinux machines


  • shell.copy sometimes not respecting ignore_hostkey flag

  • shell.copy relying on an ugly hack that breaks on some python versions

  • Verbosity being in the wrong format in log events

0.6.0-pre08 - 2018-10-29


  • Selftest that fails intentionally


  • Internal: Board no longer manages the boot-logevent as that breaks when no BoardMachine follows up


  • HTMLLog generater producing bad HTML because of some log issues

0.6.0-pre07 - 2018-10-25


  • Password support in shell.copy

  • Recipes in documentation

  • Board.cleanup, Channel.register_cleanup, ability to register a hook for cleaning a channel. Might help if some lockfiles are kept when TBot just kills a connection.

  • Support for copying from LocalLabHost() to SSHLabHost() and the other way around.

  • GitRepository.symbolic_head to get current branch name


  • GitRepository.bisect now ensures that the good revision is actually good and the current revision is actually bad.


  • Fix failures not leading to error return code

  • Better error message if a board/lab was not found

  • Stdout showing password prompt late

  • Remove some escape sequences from log output to keep it tidy

0.6.0-pre06 - 2018-10-11


  • Reimplemented Logging. The following generators have been updated:

    • htmllog

    • junit

  • Support for password authentication on SSH machines. I strongly reccomend not using this!


  • Updated documentation


  • Fixed pre-commit selftest hook creating log files


  • Unnecessary files from pre 0.6 versions

0.6.0-pre05 - 2018-09-26


  • verbosity parameter for log.message

  • ignore_hostkey flag for SSHMachines


  • More robust completions


  • Program name in help and version message was wrong

  • Better error messages when a testcase file can’t be loaded

  • Selftests failing because sshd host key changes

  • GitRepository failing to reset in __init__

0.6.0-pre04 - 2018-09-19


  • GitRepository.head: Get the current position of HEAD

  • GitRepository.bisect: Bisect the git repo to find the commit which introduced a bug.

  • Show durations of testcase runs.


  • Moved package metadata into

  • Always show long version in documentation

  • shell.copy can now copy from and to SSHMachines.

0.6.0-pre - 2018-08-28

Version 0.6.0 is basically a complete rewrite of TBot. A rough summary of changes:

  • Be as pythonic as possible, the old version had a big issue of non pythonic patterns making things that should be easy difficult.

  • More static guarantees. New TBot can guarantee even more when checking your testcases with a static typechecker. A big new feature in that regard is static guarantee of never using a path with a wrong machine!

  • Cleaner and much smaller codebase. Every piece of code is written as small and pythonic as possible which has made the codebase much more manageable.

  • Speedups! New TBot can complete its selfchecks in under 1s. This is possible because of a new channel API that no longer uses sleep unless absolutely necessary.

  • Much more stable and predictable. Even more care was taken in making TBot behave as predictable as possible and reducing side effects.

0.3.4 - 2018-08-09


  • TestcaseFailure & InvalidUsageException exceptions


  • Better error message when testcase does not exist

  • More explicit exceptions


  • Fixed TBot ignoring failures while applying patches (#13)

  • Fixed -d not being allowed between board and testcase (#6)

0.3.3 - 2018-07-20


  • Custom key sequence for intercepting autoboot (#9)

  • Warning if an invalid testcase file is in the path (TBot no longer refuses to do anything, in this case)


  • Made scp config settings consistent with ssh settings (#10)


  • Fixed TBot still clogging the user’s history with commands (#7)

  • Fixed testcase files not being able to import local submodules

  • Fixed TBot errors being shown when attempting testcase completion (#11)

0.3.2 - 2018-07-12


  • Comments in files generated by tbot-mgr to explain config options

  • -s, --show command line option to get information about testcases

  • warning and error log message functions


  • Removed ssh_command and added ssh_flags instead. This allows TBot to have more control over ssh


  • Fixed TBot hanging when SSH asks for a password

  • Fixed git bisecting

0.3.1 - 2018-06-22


  • tbot-mgr: A script for managing TBot configs

  • Testcases for building Linux

  • interactive_build_uboot and interactive_build_linux

  • Selftests are now run as a pre-commit hook

  • A dummy lab and board for running selftests that are as generic as possible

  • linux.revision and uboot.revision config keys


  • git testcases now have a rev parameter for checking out a specific revision


  • DENX specific configs


  • A crash while checking the config

0.3.0 - 2018-06-15


  • Buildhosts: This release adds the ability to build U-Boot/Linux on a separate machine. This will reduce load on your labhost if multiple people are using it

  • You can now disable documentation for a testcase by passing doc=False to

  • Added -i/--interactive commandline flag that will make TBot wait for user confirmation for each command it wants to execute. Use this if you are unsure whether your testcase will do anything harmful, because you can intervene if a critical command has ie. wrong parameters

  • Added retrieve_build_artifact and tbot_clean_builddir tasks

  • Added a new config key build.local that defines the buildhost that is the labhost itself

  • More tests in check_config

  • Better documentation


  • uboot_checkout now checks out U-Boot onto the default buildhost by default

  • U-Boot is built on the buildhost by defalt, you need to use retrieve_build_artifact to copy binaries to the labhost

  • Renamed tbot_check_config to check_config


  • Removed an unnecessary shell check from U-Boot tests

  • Fixed TBot “leaking” from a with statement

0.2.4 - 2018-05-28


  • pre-commit hook config, run pre-commit install to use these hooks.

  • Checks for malformed commands (eg. running exit or a command that contains a \n)


  • Use flake8 instead of pylint

  • Reformat using black


  • Fix the config not being properly installed and thus TBot not working outside a development environment

  • Small visual errors that were created when moving to the new logger

0.2.3 - 2018-05-16


  • New singleton logger tbot.log

  • Warning when trying to generate documentation from unsuccessful TBot runs


  • The old logger was replaced by a new singleton implementation. This solves a few issues where the logger was not available when it should have been. Also, logging is a prime example for where to use a singleton. This will ensure that stdout is only used in one place and things don’t get messy …


  • Old tbot.logger module and it’s LogEvent’s

  • TBot.log


  • U-Boot bootlog was not shown in very-verbose logging

  • Documentation links not working properly

  • The interactive shells were not properly handling the receival of multiple bytes at once, this is fixed now

  • Path expansion in completions is now handled properly

0.2.2 - 2018-05-15


  • Commandline testcase parameters: You can now pass parameters to testcases from the commandline using the -p or --param commandline parameter

  • Completions for logfile

  • More config documentation

  • shell_utils.command_and_retval: Run a command on a channel and get it’s return code


  • @cmdline decorator. All testcases are now callable from the commandline, for some you will need to use the new -p option to work properly


  • Completions for -c were not always properly handled (= messed with argument splitting)

0.2.1 - 2018-05-14


  • Disable writing to history when setting up a channel

  • Implement cleanup in interactive testcases so user code can continue after finishing an interactive session


  • Fix KeyErrors not displaying the full path to the failing key

0.2.0 - 2018-05-04


  • Use custom bash completions instead of argcomplete

  • Make the HTMLLog generator use a template. Eases development and reduces clutter in the source file. Also, the html logs no longer depend on the existence of the css file

  • Implement better quiet handling. Adjust the verbosity levels of some log messages to ensure they are displayed when they should be


  • Fix testcase EXPORTS. Exports are now in a separate file that is loaded before everything else. This should fix some testcases not working because exports they depend on were loaded later

  • Fix call_then not returning the function itself