Source code for tbot_contrib.linux

import re
from typing import Dict

from tbot.machine import linux

_MEMINFO_RE = re.compile(r"^([^:]+):\s+(\d+)( kB)?$")

[docs]def meminfo(lnx: linux.LinuxShell) -> Dict[str, int]: """ Extract information from ``/proc/meminfo``. This helper returns a dict with the values from ``/proc/meminfo`` for use in testcases. For example, this can be used to check certain memory limits are not violated. .. code-block:: python meminfo = tbot_contrib.linux.meminfo(lnx) # At least 1 GiB of memory available assert meminfo["MemAvailable"] >= 0x40000000 .. versionadded:: 0.10.4 """ meminfo_str = (lnx.fsroot / "proc" / "meminfo").read_text() meminfo = {} for line in meminfo_str.strip().split("\n"): match = _MEMINFO_RE.match(line) assert match is not None, f"Unexpected line {line!r} in /proc/meminfo" value = int( if is not None: value *= 1024 meminfo[] = value return meminfo